A total of 250 guests, researchers and industrialists from more than 20 different countries have attended the 9th Chinese International Peptide Symposium (CPS 2006) held in Shanghai International Convention center between 3rd and 6th July 2006. This prestigious event has been officially graced by several Chinese government officials, namely Mr Chen Yongjun, Vice Director of National Natural Science Funding Committee (Chemistry), Mr Du Canping, Section Chief, and Mrs. Gong Haihua from Chinese Academy of Science International Co-operative Board.


Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC) and GL Biochem ( Shanghai ) Ltd are the main organizer and co-organizer for symposium, respectively. During the opening ceremony on 4th July 2006, Dr Ma dawei (SIOC) Chairman for CPS, Dr Ting Haitao, Vice Director of  Pudong New Area Technology Board as well as Dr Xu Hongyan, CEO and President of GL Biochem ( Shanghai ) Ltd has addressed this event, respectively. They have given all participants a warm welcome and encouraged them to enjoy the great hospitality and inspiring atmosphere that Shanghai can offer.


More than 30 famous scientists in the field of peptide research have also presented their latest research finding during this symposium and which include: Dr Victor J Hruby, Dr Yoshiaki Kiso, Dr Kit S Lam, Dr Richard A Houghten, Dr James P Tam, Dr Jean Martinez, Dr Wang Shaoming, Dr Li Yanmei, Dr Yao zhujun and many others. Plenary discussions and poster presentation were setup during this symposium as a platform for scientists and researchers to exchange their scientific ideas and finding.


This symposium covers new development in the field of peptide mimetics and drug design, peptide chemistry, peptide and receptors, peptide biology and signaling, new synthesis techniques, analysis and bio-function, and immunology.


The closure of this event also accompanied with an award ceremony on 6th July 2006 and Dr.  Ma has presented the Cathy Award, Young Scientist Award, Excellent Poster Award to the respective winners.