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High-throughput Peptide Synthesis Price Table (US$/peptide)

Special discount available for bulk order or new customers

Grade One Grade two Grade three
Without HPLC and MS with MS with HPLC and MS
Q2.5µmol $22.5  $28.5 $38.5 
Q5 µmol $24.0 $30.0 $40.0
Q10 µmol $25.5  $31.5  $41.5 
Q25 µmol $27.0 $33.0 $43.0
Q50 µmol $29.0 $35.0 $45.0

Note: By 96-well Peptide Synthesizer, we could synthesize 96 different peptides per run and offer you more economical custom peptide synthesis.

  1. Peptide scale: 2.5 ~ 50 µmol (3.0 mg average for 2.5 µmol of 12 mer peptide )

  2. Peptide length: 6-18 amino acid sequences

  3. Minimum order size is 48 peptides.

  4. Delivery time: 1-2 weeks

  5. Average success ratio: 95% or above.

  6. We do not guarantee the purity or success of any one peptide.
    For further information, please contact us.


Company Profile

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